Enabling Healthcare Improvement

Making It Possible for Your Team to Do It the Right, Easy Way

With good patient outcomes, clinician wellbeing, and the organization's bottom line all at stake, ensuring electronic workflows are functioning optimally is mission critical. Phrase Health was purpose-built to help you and your team identify actionable insights, launch data-driven process improvement cycles, and coordinate strategic initiatives with ease.

Phrase Health Collaboration Effiency Data

Actionable Insights

Targeted recommendations that your team can make changes on.

Actionable Insights instantly surfaces opportunities and inefficiencies with your EHR workflows. Instead of relying on analysts to sift through data, Phrase Health automatically provides sophisticated, up-to-date insights that are ripe for targeted intervention.

Benchmark your organization’s performance to better understand where the most variation exists.

Some examples include:
  • Burden Index
  • Order Variation Index
  • Cranky Index
Feature Insights


Context matters: Compare your results for a particular insight against other EHR workflows in the Phrase Health Network.

Identify Opportunities

Top and bottom performing EHR workflows contributing to your score are automatically highlighted.

Trend Improvement

As your EHR workflows evolve, see if your changes are making a difference over time.

Feature Governance

Flexible support for governance tasks

Saves time when coordinating across multiple stakeholders.

With tens of thousands of EHR workflows deployed, governance is a must. Phrase Health provides a variety of tools to support this overwhelming task. For example, you can schedule and conduct content reviews right in the application. All the data you need is at your fingertips—a huge breadth of analytics plus all relevant EHR data is visible right alongside the EHR workflow being reviewed. The whole system is user-friendly, cataloging notes and storing documentation from previous reviews. Additionally, it tracks to-dos in an inbox so responsible parties can easily see what they need to do next.


Drive accountability across your EHR workflows by adding comments, owners, and conducting collaborative reviews.

Streamlined Reviews

Review any content in the system through structured review processes to track decision-making.

Flexible Organization

Tagging saves time by organizing your EHR workflows by tool type, service line, clinical condition, and more.

Linking EHR Workflows to Outcomes

Uncover the effectiveness of your processes that help drive faster process improvement iterations with ease.

Use drag-and-drop process builders to test optimization hypotheses and then watch data flowing in with answers in real time. You can filter that data by population cohorts to see how your improvements are impacting specific patients, all without burdening IT.

Easily present that data with easy-to-use dashboards

Designed for all levels of tech-savviness, anyone can use Phrase Health to assemble a quality improvement dashboard in minutes. Browse and visualize existing measures and cohorts, or request new ones.

Dashboards allow you to:

  • Annotate events and changes to better communicate interventions
  • Measure statistically significant change with Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts
  • Understand relationships between your measures with a Key Driver Diagram
Feature Insights

Empower your teams to make improvements

Improve clinical quality measures and drive better outcomes

Access data quickly

Understand the impact of Alerts, Order Sets, and Orders on your quality measures across provider, department, and more.

Build alignment, get consensus

With data at your fingertips, align your team with data to understand if your interventions are actually driving outcomes.

Organize EHR data for your initiatives

Tag your Alerts, Order Sets, Procedures and more for quick access. Add contributors to keep experts in the loop.

Empower clinicians to get into the data

Our easy-to-use interface makes it simple for experts to dive into the EHR data that impacts them.

Quality Persona

Reduce the effort needed to optimize your EHR to drive patient safety and quality

Get a holistic view of data

Minimize sifting through your CDS by having the important information in the same place.

Understand system performance

Contextualize performance through burden and utilization metrics across departments, providers, and more.

Streamline regulatory reviews

Increase accountability of your teams during review cycles by directly requesting reviews within the product, giving teammates access to build designs, usage data, and more.

Drive organizational change

Use the data to tell a story that aligns stakeholders on the facts. Confidently answer the question, “Are our EHR alerts actually working?”

Informatics Persona

Getting in touch with your data side has never been easier

Monitor initiatives impacting your specialty

Understand how alerts, order sets, and more are shaping you and your colleagues' workflows.

Share your expertise easily

Quick access to data and collaboration features allows you to give feedback on the EHR tools relevant to your clinical qualiity initiatives.

Discover opportunities for improvement

We offer an aggregated view of data so you can quickly identify areas of opportunities within your practice to kick off an initiative.

Clinician Persona

Drive healthcare quality outcomes with advanced metrics and reporting

Generate complex reports, quickly

Did the CDS you built actually help? Easily answer challenging questions such as, “How do order sets align with clinical workflows, and did these orders improve clinical quality measures?”

Impact CDS with data visualizations

Quick access to visualizations makes it easier to see how you’re impacting the clinicians that are using the EHR tools you helped build.

Remove barriers to make EHR data more accessible

When others are able to find answers for themselves, you get time to focus on more difficult work.

Analyst Persona

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