Link interventions to clinical quality measures

Tie interventions to real outcomes

Assess and monitor the effectiveness of quality improvement initiatives driving quality measures and patient outcomes.

Phrase Health offers guided analysis to assess and monitor the effectiveness of your organization’s quality improvement initiatives driving clinical quality measures.

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Phrase Outcomes - Set up with ease

Set up with ease

Create interactive dashboards in minutes and avoid a dashboard graveyard

Phrase Outcomes - Access data faster

Access data faster

Apply ready-to-go data and reusable measures to save time for Quality and IT

Phrase Outcomes - Level up your team

Level up your team

Help educate team members who aren’t as savvy with data analysis or quality improvement

Phrase Outcomes - Tell a data-driven story

Tell a data-driven story

Use Phrase to summarize the discovery and communication of your project's insights


Make the easy approach the right approach

Designed for all levels of tech-savviness, anyone can assemble a quality improvement dashboard in minutes. Browse and visualize existing measures and cohorts, or request a new one.

  • Set a goal for your outcome and visually share progress
  • Measure statistically signifigant change with Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts
  • Understand relationships between your measures with a Key Driver Diagram
Statistical Process Control (SPC) Chart Screenshot

Tie your interventions to outcomes

Sepsis Quality Initiative - Effectiveness Quiz Start
Sepsis Quality Initiative - Effectiveness Quiz Answer Question
Sepsis Quality Initiative - Effectiveness Quiz Summary Report

The right questions to ask

Our team of QI experts and researchers identified five project dimensions to determine where deficiencies may exist and where subsequent efforts should be focused.

A guided analysis

Tell us about the quality measures you're targeting and we’ll automatically generate all the graphs you need and walk you through the analysis.

Effectiveness score

After answering five questions, we’ll offer a conclusion and next steps. CMOs, CQOs, and CIOs can quickly identify which projects need more or less resources.


Easily access a breadth of data

Phrase Outcomes - Ready-to-go measures

Ready-to-go measures

Phrase has instant access to millions of data points for Alerts, Order Sets, Medications, and more. Look at who is using interventions, placing orders, and how it's affecting quality measures.

Phrase Outcomes - Cohorts


Narrow the focus of your analysis by adding cohorts. Stratify your intervention by cohort to see impact.

Phrase Outcomes - Custom Measures

Custom measures

Every custom measure can be reused and is easily discoverable to avoid unnecessary work for QI, Safety, and IT teams


Custom alerts, medication alerts, drug-disease alerts, and more

  • Firings Over Time
  • Actions Taken
  • Workflow Trigger
  • Provider
  • Department
  • Provider Type
  • Encounter IDs
Order Groups

Order Sets and Panels

  • Utilization
  • Utilizations over time
  • Orders placed
  • Orders w/n 5 minutes
  • Provider
  • Specialty
  • Department
  • Provider Type
  • Encounter IDs

Labs, medications, consults, nursing orders, imaging, and more

  • Order Set
  • Preference List
  • Source
  • Provider
  • Specialty
  • Department
  • Provider Type
  • Encounter IDs

Making an intervention you often never know if it was useful or helpful. This actually quantifies what is happening instead of someone just saying they don't like the alert.”

Mary, Improvement Advisor

It is a helpful way to introduce key concepts of Quality Improvement methodology to people who don't know anything about it, and at the end you can understand the process of QI.”


  • Secure connection to the data

    Getting Phrase connected to your data takes less than a day. We’ve implemented the highest levels of security so we can safely process PHI.

  • Create your dashboards

    Phrase is easy enough for anyone on your team to set up their projects.

  • Collaborate with analysts

    Reuse queries your IT team has already developed like length of stay or readmissions to get started ASAP. Or team up with an analyst and request what you want with our analyst dashboard.

Try it for free

We are so confident Outcomes will improve your clinical quality measures and other outcomes, we’ll let you pilot for free.