Make more data-driven decisions

Drive healthcare quality and safety outcomes while reducing IT workload with EHR data and insights:

  • Who is using an Order Set, and how is it being used?
  • Which providers are overriding an Alert?
  • How often is a medication being ordered?
  • And more!
Phrase Health Interventions Screenshot
Phrase Interventions - Instant data access

Instant data access

Millions of ready-to-go data points reduce dependencies to get the data your team needs

Phrase Interventions - User-friendly dashboards

User-friendly dashboards

Designed for all levels of tech-savviness, Phrase is easy to navigate and customizable

Phrase Interventions - Tell data-driven stories

Tell data-driven stories

Reporting progress to executives and other stakeholders is simple with easy-to-digest dashboards

Phrase Interventions - Facilitate collaboration

Facilitate collaboration

Phrase makes data analysis easier so more experts can be involved in the process


Organize projects and visualize your data

Set up a dashboard for your project in less than a minute! Select an intervention and any of the data we have available to create a centralized place to visualize and monitor progress.

Add collaborators and check out other projects within your organization.

Interested in creating custom measures like Length of Stay or Sepsis Mortality? Check out Phrase Outcomes.


Getting access to data has never been easier

Screenshot for filtering alerts data

Investigate how often an alert fires, which provider types see it most, and if they’re taking the appropriate actions.

Review firings for custom, medication, drug-drug, and other alerts across several dimensions:

  • Firings Over Time
  • Actions Taken
  • Triggering Actions
  • Clinician
  • Specialty
  • Department
  • Provider Type
  • Encounter IDs
Screenshot of order sets preview

Get a sense of what providers see when they use an order set. Review defaulted orders, comments, and details like frequency or priority.

View Order Sets or Panels by:

  • Utilizations over time
  • Orders placed
  • Orders w/n 5 minutes
  • Clinician
  • Specialty
  • Department
  • Provider Type
  • Encounter IDs
Screenshot of looking at ordering across the health system

Find ordering patterns across your health system including which order sets are driving high-cost medications or lab orders.

Get access to these trends for labs, medications, consults, nursing orders, imaging, and more:

  • Specialty
  • Department
  • Provider Type
  • Encounter IDs
  • Orders over time
  • Preference List
  • Source
  • Order Set
  • Clinician

Never using the platform before, I was able to find the answer to my question in minutes.

We’re drinking from the firehose recently, but I can look at this now and know this is what we should focus on.

Steps to set up Phrase Health Interventions product

How it works

Phrase Interventions - Get set up in less than day

Get set up in
less than a day

We send you SQL files that define the data extraction. Hospital IT then installs a Phrase application to automate secure data pulls.

Phrase Interventions - Highest levels of security

Highest levels of security

This product doesn’t need PHI and uses Single Sign On to ensure your data is secure.

Phrase Interventions - Invite your team

your team

That’s it! Your team has access to data.

Getting access to data has never been easier