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Feature Overview

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Data Analytics

  • Web based dashboard of Alerts, Order Sets, and more
  • Graphs and tables quickly reveal trends of tool usage
  • Filter by department, provider, specialty and more
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  • Invite your team to leave comments on Alerts and other tools
  • Engage the end user by adding inline feedback to Alerts
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Efficiency Tools

  • Web based dashboard of Alerts, Order Sets, and more
  • Graphs and tables quickly reveal trends of tool usage
  • Filter by department, provider, specialty and more

How Phrase Health empowers your team

Easily identify improvements, monitor impact, and sustain quality improvement initiatives

Access data quickly

Understand usage of Alerts, Order Sets, Labs, Procedures, and Meds. Filter by provider, department, and more.

Organize data for your initiatives

Tag your Alerts, Order Sets, Procedures and more for quick access. Add contributors to keep experts in the loop.

Build alignment, get to consensus

With data at your fingertips, align your team on the facts, allowing you to spend time on more challenging questions.

Empower clinicians to get into the data

Our easy-to-use interface makes it simple for experts to dive into the EHR data that impacts them.

Quality Persona

Reduce the effort needed to optimize and monitor your EHR

Get a holistic view of data

Minimize sifting through your CDS by having the important information in the same place.

Understand system performance

Contextualize performance through burden and utilization metrics across departments, providers, and more.

Streamline regulatory reviews

Increase accountability of your teams during review cycles by directly requesting reviews within the product, giving teammates access to Orderset previews, usage data, and more.

Drive organizational change

Once you understand the data, you can use the data to tell a story that aligns stakeholders on the facts. Phrase makes it easy for you to collaborate with clinicians and other care team members.

Informatics Persona

Getting in touch with your data side has never been easier

Monitor initiatives impacting your specialty

Understand how alerts, order sets, and more are shaping you and your colleagues' workflows.

Share your expertise easily

Quick access to data and collaboration features allows you to give feedback on the EHR tools relevant to your workflows.

Discover opportunities for improvement

We offer an aggregated view of data so you can quickly identify areas of opportunities within your practice to kick off an initiative.

Clinician Persona

Let software handle the tedious work, so you don’t have to

Generate complex reports, quickly

Easily answer more challenging questions like how orders are ordered across order sets and which alert actions are taken by which providers.

Feel connected to end users

Quick access to visualizations makes it easier to see how you’re impacting the clinicians that are using the EHR tools you helped build.

Lower the barrier for others to review data

When others are able to find answers for themselves, you get time to focus on more difficult work.

Analyst Persona

Empowering your team with access to rich EHR data and collaborative tools

We’re here to answer all of your questions.